The next generation of entertainment resort in Europe

Today Asia and America are leading the way when it comes to mega structures, iconic landmark buildings and in particular entertainment resorts or Integrated Resort Casinos (IRCs). Europe continues to lag behind in this space and even though market research has clearly identified that there is strong rationale for an IRC in Europe, no one has been able to deliver a project of this scale in Europe thus far.

Bulgaria is ever increasing in its popularity as a tourist destination and has emerged as one of Europes holiday hot-spots in recent years. Known for both its sea and ski tourism, it is a country which is awash with historical sites (over 40,000 in fact, nine of which are UNESCO world heritage sites), breath-taking mountains and stunning shorelines, but it has no real iconic building or structure that “puts it on the map” so to speak. Well, now we want to change this by building Europes largest entertainment resort on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria.

Black Sea Galaxy AD’s goal is to transform people’s preconceptions about Bulgaria and create a landmark development that possesses a distinct identity which will distinguish Bulgaria from all other European countries. This new entertainment resort will be awesome in both scale and design and will become a landmark development in Bulgaria as well as one of Europe’s most iconic buildings, establishing Bulgaria as a “must see” place in Europe.

Together with transforming the tourist market in Bulgaria, Black Sea Galaxy’s entertainment resort will, upon completion, make a giant contribution to increasing business and leisure tourism in the country. The best present day example of the hugely positive impact which large scale entertainment resorts or IRCs have on tourism can be seen in Singapore, where tourist numbers rose by more than 30% following the opening of Genting Group’s Resort World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands in 2010. The spectacular Marina Bay Sands building today is a global icon of Singapore as well as being of the most recognisable structures in the world.

Of course a project of this magnitude does not come without its challenges.

A high percentage of megaprojects and large scale developments never come to fruition for a variety of reasons, which typically include difficulties with planning, zoning and financing. An example of which was seen the when the EuroVegas project, a large scale casino resort which was planned to be developed by Las Vegas Sands, the worlds biggest casino operator, in Spain at the cost of $30 billion, collapsed after reported clashes between Sands and the Spanish authorities.

We are under no illusion as to the challenges which lay ahead. Black Sea Galaxy ADs vision of transforming what is today a green field site of agricultural land into Europes largest entertainment resort is in no way a risk-free venture, but should we be successful in our undertaking, there is no doubt that Black Sea Galaxy’s entertainment resort will be the development which will leave all others in Europe behind, it will simply be nothing short of a masterpiece.