Black Sea Galaxy

Black Sea Galaxy AD

Company Information

  • EU Registered Joint Stock Company
  • Company Registration Number: 204274680
  • Registered Address: Republic of Bulgaria, Town of Pomorie 8200, 1 “Chaika” Str.
  • Limited Number of Company Shares: 1,000,000 (one million) shares in total
  • Owner of Project: "Black Sea Galaxy Casino Resort"

Project Information

Project Name:

Black Sea Galaxy Casino Resort & Black Sea Star Casino

Project Scope

Black Sea Galaxy AD is rolling out 2 Casino Projects in Bulgaria in the next 5 years

Casino Project 1
Black Sea Star (Grandeur Casino)

  • Located in Europe’s Largest 5 Star Resort, Sunset Resort, Pomorie
  • Situated within the Grounds of Grandeur Entertainment Resort
  • 14,000 sq.ft Gaming Area
  • One Large Gaming Room
  • 3 VIP Rooms

Casino Project 2
Black Sea Galaxy Casino Resort

  • Located in the Burgas region of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea Coast
  • 13,518,599 sq.ft of Land Acquired for Project
  • Estimated Total Built-up Area of Casino Resort > 7, 763,000 sq.ft
  • Black Sea Galaxy Casino Resort will include:
    • A World-Class Casino with 450,000 sq.ft Gaming Area
    • 1 Internationally Branded Hotel with 2,000 Rooms
    • 4,000 Serviced Apartments
    • 1 High-End Shopping Mall
    • 3 Night Clubs
    • 2 Grand Theatres
    • 1 Little Asia Town
    • 1 Expo & Convention Centre

Project Status

Project Site

Black Sea Star (Grandeur Casino)

  • Site already acquired by Sunset Aquapark AD
  • Planning & Zoning for Casino to be completed in December 2016
  • Architectural Plans started and scheduled for completion in December 2016

Black Sea Galaxy Casino Resort

  • Site already acquired by Black Sea Galaxy AD
  • Current land status – Agricultural
  • Master Plan to be completed – *Q4 2017
  • Zoning to be completed – *Q2 2018
  • Planning to be completed – *Q3 2018


Black Sea Star (Grandeur Casino)

  • Construction to commence in *Q1 2017
  • Construction scheduled for completion in *Q4 2018

Black Sea Galaxy Casino Resort

  • Ground Breaking – *Q3 2018
  • Building Works Start – *Q4 2018
  • Completion of Base Infrastructure – *Q2 2019
  • Resort Operational – *Q2 2021

*The above dates are based on the current project schedule and are subject to change

Project Site

Black Sea Star (Grandeur Casino)

Registered Site Owner: Sunset Aquapark AD

Company Number: 202766319

Site Location: Cadastral Map Reference: 1-437.438

Black Sea Galaxy Casino Resort

Registered Site Owner: Black Sea Galaxy AD

Company Number: 204274680

Land Acquisition Timing: Jan 2005 to July 2016

Land Area Acquired: 13,518,599 sq.ft

Tenure: Freehold

Land status: Agricultural

Encumbrances: The land is free of any charges

Investment Risks

Almost all investments involve some amount of risk. Black Sea Galaxy AD may be adversely affected by delays in the construction and completion of its Real Estate Properties under development. The project requires future planning approval and licenses all of which are not guaranteed. You may lose some or all of your invested monies if the project fails. It may also be difficult assess the future performance of the Real Estate Properties which have a limited track record because they are still under development. There is no assurance that such properties will yield the expected returns.